The Room

Here I am, in this room I call home.

It is a room like any other with a bed, a door, and a window.

Here I am, alone, in this room with blank walls that surround me,

and a door with no handle.

Here I am; alone and lonely, looking up at the ceiling that hangs above me,

like an endless stretch of sky with no horizon.

I look around at empty frames, wanting to leave but forced to stay.

This emptiness is draining my life, one memory after another.

This loneliness surrounds me, spins me until I fall to my knees,

leaving me chained to a broken bed.

There is no company here, even my own shadow has left me.

These walls come closer towards me with each passing day, making me feel small,

and lost.  

I shout for someone – anyone to hear me! I listen as my shouts come back to me,

and ring inside my head, an endless echo.

I wish to be pulled out of this room and its pressing solitude.

I tried to outrun it, to leave it in the past,

but this rooms knows where to find me before I can reach my destiny!

I find the past waiting for me, entrapping me within its walls,

and leaving me again without any company.

I try to find comfort, but each time I raise my head, loneliness embraces me

with invisible arms that spread their grasp to every corner of my body,

and pull me further back here, into this room.

Days pass by, turning into empty memories. Nights become longer,

swallowing me with an ever-present lust.

I was meant to meet loneliness but not to stay with it forever;

even Winter nights must come to an end and stormy days must give way to sunsets.

I picked up my pen and wrote down everything into twenty-five poems. I hung up each one,

filling the room with prose.

Only then, when its bare walls were covered with words did the door swing open,

willingly without force.

I gave it a part of me in exchange for my liberty. I took my first steps outside the room.

I took my first breaths outside those walls. I looked at the horizon –

a Sun rising above a lovely sea,

like his haunting eyes of blue that left me dreaming here.   

I began to take my first steps,

far away from the room that caged me for nearly an eternity. 

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