Stargazer, tell me what you see when you look up

from your balcony. Do you see the brightest three?

Stargazer, I look up and wonder. I came to find you unexpectedly,

yet so easily, like the first starlight at eve’s dusk.

Stargazer, tell me what you remember? Separation is cruel, yes,

but distance will not erase our past, nor can you escape from it.

A lone star I was, that rose for you each night until faded

by day’s light.

Stargazer, you were here, and I looked up, but into your

eyes, where I found my sky and the million little lights,

that left me high and lost among them. But tonight, I look up,

aching for what left me, trying to find the brightest three.

Stargazer, tonight I count the days since I last looked onto your skies;

the smoke cleared away and you left.

Won’t you grant me this last wish? Remember me, remember

us, laying down, looking up, together. Stargazer, I wonder where you are.

I wonder how far you have gone. Tonight, I see them; the brightest three –

I remember you. I wonder; if you remember what you left behind.

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