A circle has no beginning;

a cycle has no ending –

neither does my love

for you.

I look at you;  

I see your reflection,

in the skies above me,  

in the hills that surround me.

I lay myself on your grounds – 

your melodies reach me

from all around;

I hear your echo

reverberating inside me.

I feel your sway, oh loved one;

I am at the mercy of your storms,

falling into your valleys,

fluttering my wings all the way down – 

until I am side by side

with your heart.

You are my wings;

you are my colors;

wrapped up inside you

is where I find myself;

we are timeless.

I walked around you,

uncovering the depth of your roots,

while my streams flowed freely

into your jungles.

Let me plant myself

in your grounds once more;

our memories will hold us

long into the night,

to continue the cycle,

and complete the circle.

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