Before I Gave Him Poetry

Before I gave him poetry, I watched his sky turn dark,

until I discovered his three stars shining on me.

He whispered my name, stepping into my flames,

finding pleasure in my surrender.

Before I saw his sunrise, I felt his days,

I tasted his nights. I lived for him. I lived behind him –

but never with him; I grew in his shadow, treading his ordinary path.

Before I unlocked his desires, I made his wrongs

my rights. I left my mark with a kiss on his open palm,

in a rhyme on his sweet, undecided mind. If he looks deep

enough, I am never too far for him to find me.

Before he left me undone, unguarded and open, by that

stream that witnessed my aching emotions, I counted my

lonely nights on too many walls. I climbed high up

and reached too far, for a love that was never mine.

Before he gave me his goodbye, he took me by the hand,

and set me free. He made me see the beauty of simplicity,

and filled me with songs only I could hear. My doors

opened for him; now my lips are locked on his name.

Before I gave him poetry, I made him my haven;

before he was taken, I made him my love – 

he was my three wishes, all that I wanted.

I took my wishes and set them free, until they

became the three stars that now hang above me.

When I am lost, I will look up. When you are gone,

I will look up. When I am alone, I will look up. I will

know, somewhere along this road, he will look up too,

and I will feel him near me.

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