I Choose

I choose to be gentle with my heart;

bold, when the time is right.

I choose to be in the present with others,

or far away, alone, when I desire.

I choose to like little things ignored:

watching his lights come near,

counting his steps to my seat.

I chose to follow him, even when

I only saw his back, long before his

eyes lit my face.

I chose to love him, 

and give only one reason – my heart

wanted him.

I chose to embrace him,

taint him with my reckless ways of loving.

I chose to awaken, after his disruptions

into my dreams, in my bed.

I choose to belong near, far,

wherever his feet may wander.

I choose to be his light in the dark,

his shadow, when he is alone and falling apart.

I choose to be a queen for his kingdom,

a hanging temptation in his gardens.

I chose then to land on his doorstep,

knock thrice on his shared haven.

So, I choose now to be his awaiting

answer, upon his return.

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