A Promise Kept

I looked,

you looked,

we felt our beat;

we cannot be,


I spoke,

you spoke,

we said;

we are not ready,


I am leaving;

you must leave;

we will part;

on the hour,

on a Friday.

I promise,

you must promise;

to reunite,

in the days to come;

our tomorrows.

My beat will rest,

yours will linger,

to be reawakened;

on time,


It will smash these bricks,

and crush their stones;

to find our road,

to write our story,


I want more;

you want all,

than what we are,

but we cannot be,


We met briefly;

we spoke slowly;

to write our beginning;

it is ending,

for now.

I know;

you know,

we will be,

in desire’s arms,


I will be ready;

your eyes will remember me,

amongst this crowd,

I will know;

it will be you.

For now, I close my eyes,

to surrender to your name,

on my lips.

For now, I rest my head,

on your memory,

and a promise kept.

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