Dreaming in Blue – I

The rain fell;

the bluest of blue drops.

The Sun shone;

the warmest and brightest of all the lights.

I saw you –

only a hint of your shoes.

I did not see you,

all that I wanted.

I sat still in my seat – 

having you near was too much to bear.

So, I left;

it rained just a little more; 

the Sun shone just a little brighter.

You were gone,

too far away,

for far too long.

I missed you – 

I looked for you,

on the surface of these blue drops; 

all these nights,

when it rained the hardest – 

all these mornings,

when the Sun was at its brightest – 

all without you.

Seven months passed,

since I last saw you;  

you came,

you are here now,

you waited to see me,

but still with her!

Oh, and it rained,

all around me,

drowning me in your blue waters.

I missed you – 

I longed for your embrace;

I thought about your misty eyes of sorrow,

on too many rainy nights,

searching for your familiar face,

and lovely hues.

The Sun shone,

on me,


looking at you from behind a window; 

I was almost done,

had enough of the rain,

and these blue dreams;

until you came,

took me in your arms,

told me that you missed me. 

Oh, and it began to rain,

there on your shoulder,

once again.

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