Dreaming in Blue – II

Lay me down. Close my eyes,

and raise me up. Set me free;

let me race to the top;

let me dream in blue.

Give me more. I do not want to stay.

I do not want to feel. Here, surrounded

by nameless faces, lost without him.

Oh, lift me up. The higher I go, the happier

I become. Dreaming in blue, I see him.

Release me from this guilt. Let me fly past my

scarlet marks.

I let him go, far away from my path of temptation.

There is nothing left now, nothing but blue dreams.

So, let me dream on. 

Life was his face filling my books. Love was his name

on my lips. Now I look up, alone, again. There is nothing

to awaken to. Let me dream in blue. Let me lose myself

in this state of fleeting bliss.

High up I am safe, with no conscience to bring me down.

There is no room for tears of regret. But watch me go

higher yet! Before my hour is up. Before I come crashing

down, onto a bed of memories.

Watch me go higher yet,

until I forget my own name.

Give me one more blue dream,

until I forget to remember his name. 

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