Lovely Sea

Why do you care for me? asked the sea,

Why do you walk miles to be with me?

Why do you come back to be hurt again by me?

I will answer you, lovely sea;

I will tell you why, gladly.

Here, I find my favorite things;

your waves give me beginnings, high melodies, and no endings.

I met love when I looked at your waves dressed in blue;

now, my favorite hue.

Not red? you ask,

Strength and passion are every man’s desire.

No, not red,

I say looking at your darkest spots.

Not violet? you question me;

Surely butterfly wings and beauty are every soul’s refuge.

They do not compare to you, I explain,

You are green, white, and purity,

but more than that, your still and tranquil blue will live forever.

I found you, lovely sea, after crossing the clearing –

here, underneath my gaze, beneath my feet.

Your water pools around me, almost drowning me in fear,

but keeping me afloat high enough to hear your waves of affection;

so loud, so full, rushing to welcome me in haste –

no matter how late I am.

They embrace me like an old friend,

pulling me in, unravelling me;

piece by piece,

until they touch my fragile heart.

Your waves fill me, lovely sea, and leave me breathless;

they tell me here lies my happiness.  

They discover me, transcending every layer of my melancholy;

I belong at your shores;

I can love here, for I am being loved –  

though you will not admit to it.

But that is not what is hurting me, lovely sea;  

I cannot stay.

My soul is restless, and I must go –

I must leave now –  

the road is calling me to my destiny.

But do not weep –

leave your fury at your shores!

I will not say goodbye;

there will come other poets who will color your hues;

your blue waves will live forever;

in me, in my memory.

Will you not tell me the name of your melody?

Will you let me know?

Will you write it on your sands before I go?

My streams of desire for you run deep, lovely sea;

you gave me life and turned me a poet.

You lured me to write at your shores;

I now know you were singing silently for me to

translate your melodies onto these pages,

and caress your hues beneath my fingers;

your waves of blue will linger; 

long after I am gone,

and my footsteps become grains of memories on your sands,

your waves of blue will live on forever.

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