By the River Adelaide

The water passed us freely

on a Monday afternoon;

the Sun shone on us luminously,

and I was with you.

Walking together for the last time,

talking to one another for the last time;

the beginning of the end sealed with a kiss;

the first kiss;

the last kiss;

the only kiss.

There, down by the River Adelaide, with you;

savoring your presence,

and your hands on my hips;

I was with you.

I gave you my hello;

I wrote out my goodbye,

while you held me;

while my tears flowed to your heart,

and you caressed my scars;

by the River Adelaide.

Oh, yes;

it was you

that drew my smiles,

and raised me to the tallest tower.

It was you

that gave me this pen,

and turned the pages.

It is you that I will remember;

long after you have left, 

long after I have wept;

I will remember.

I still remember;

I still see;

I still feel;

more-so now that you are far;

more-so now that you are with her.

I will remember our walks,

our friendly talks by the River Adelaide,

underneath your blue gaze that let me in,

and wrapped me in the warmest of rays;

I will remember.

Will you remember?

You gave me a reason to face each day,

and a purpose to find my way –

do not worry about me;

I am on my way;

away from the River Adelaide.

You walked right – 

I chose left.

I am on my way –

for me,

for you,

for us;

I am on my way.

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