Right or Left?

Walk out the door,

take my heart with you,

while you choose –

right or left?

I turn back,

I look at your empty spot;

stark and engulfing.

I wonder –

right or left?

Your right is a great path;

one you have treaded for two years,

carving your matching initials along the way.

She is right for you,

she is your same –

from her name,

all the way to her eyes,

in your favorite shade of green.

I am your left;

have been for the past twelve months.

I felt your days,

I saw your eyes of dawn,

behind my windows,

on my pages,

in my daydreams.

You are the brightest star;

you are the longest love poem.

You give me life;

you free me with a single gaze.

I am here,

to your left,

wondering –

right or left?

I see less of you now,

but I fall for you more;

each time you leave a trail behind

for me to remember.

Is my path not enough?

Are my trees not the shelter you seek?

Tell me what to do;

my roots are growing deep around you.

I sit on the widest log,

surrounded by your abundant leaves,

dreaming about your majestic eyes of violet.

I walk around you;

I walk behind you.

I leave momentarily,

to forget that I found you,

only to return,

and see you waiting

for me to dream about you.

Will you stay a little longer?

There is no time left;

I might leave,

you might flee;

fate has not been kind to me;

it might not bring you back my way.

Still, I wonder –

right or left?

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