Painters and Love Rhymers

I walked between one, two, three rows,

and found my way out that door,

on the last day of biased lessons,

and too many favorites.

I skipped the celebration –

no need to fake happiness

amongst empty shells.

I found another podium,

one far away from these halls

that trapped me here for 365 days.

I am among painters and love rhymers;

I found my way to the top,

stood in front,

and read for the forgotten ones:

                Never underestimate us;

                never walk through us.

                What you see is true;

                we are agitated waters

                with never-ending waves.

                We are too many rocks

                that turn into fire,           

                at your feet.

                Our smiles are always on,

                for you and him;

                I am not weak because of it;

                I have no need to dim their lights,

                to let mine shine.

                When you hear our names,

                and see them on these pages that you threw away,

                know that I carved it there;

                it was not impossible as you once told me.

                Never underestimate us;

                never underestimate me.

                When you read our names,

                you will wonder where we were.

                I will tell you:

                I was not hiding,

                but there was no room,

                for flowers to bloom among your gloom.

                Do not underestimate me,

                my fire was waiting patiently,

                but is now ablaze.

                If you do not accept my rights,

                I will not remember your names;

                once you see me,

                it will be too late,

                for you to reach me,

                and preach your false devotion.

                I improved, yes,

                I found my way, yes,

                but without you.

I am not looking back;

I am on my way,

to stand among sky painters,

and write beside love rhymers.

For now, I tell you this;

never underestimate us.

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