I looked at my lover;

adrift with the tide,

unsure of which path to choose.

I said to him:

              Take this train,

              ride on,

              go find yourself,

              go find where you belong.

              You will know,

              whether to build a new path,

              or tread the old.

He bowed his head,

ready to give in;

there is little strength left –

he is surrounded by too many temptations.

I said to him:

              Who you are,

              is not who you will become.

              Turn your back on your past;

              look ahead;

              the turn of each page,

              will ease your burdens;

              this I can promise.

Life is long, he said,

Life is one unfinished song.

I am afraid;

I count my hours,

always aware of an approaching shadow.

              You will know,

              if you go.

              You will feel the beat,

              if you say yes.

              There are no rules,

              nor will there be any clues,

              to tell you which path to choose;

              still you must leave.

Come with me, he said,

Join me!

I will need your company.

              To uncover the truth,

              you must go alone.

              Before I can join,

              I must yet come out,

              from behind these curtains.

He stepped on,

took his seat,

next to my shadow.

How will I find you?

              My pen will be ready,

              to ink your moments.

              I will wait,

              for you to tell me about your quest.

              I will need you to show me,

              the light that follows these dark nights.

              Turn the page and go;

              you are free,

              from my blue dreams.

I will wait;

when he is ready;

the stage will be lit;

the audience will be waiting;

to know the truth,

of our story.

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