I looked at my lover; adrift with the tide, unsure of which path to choose. I said to him:               Take this train,               ride on,               go find yourself,               go find where you belong.               You will know,               whether to build a new path,               or tread the old. He bowed his … Continue reading Go

Like Stone

The world changes, people learn and move up, move forward. She remains the same, unchanged, like stone. Winds bring hurricanes, life can crumble but also be rebuilt- shadows aren’t always omnipresent. She sits still, cold and indifferent, like stone. Each day brings new wonders, there is beauty in freethinking. She can choose to step out … Continue reading Like Stone


I still remember Albert. He was an aged tree. I was a young leaf, blowing over his land. We met once; I sat across from him, heartbroken, torn, seeking answers:                 Tell me where to go.                 Tell me who I should be.                 Tell me who I will meet. And so, Albert asked me: … Continue reading Albert